I will maintain your website

Keeping your website up to date is critical for the performance and security of your website.

Wordpress is a great content management system, but it needs to be updated on a regular basis to keep it current. It’s a very popular platform and therefore gets targeted a lot. It’s always better to be proactive then to have to redo or recover after a website has been hacked. Also, getting a message on google with “This website may have been hacked” isn’t a good thing for potential visitors or current rankings.

* Although I specialise in maintaining wordpress websites, I am open to other platforms.

Janine Meyer

Website Designer and Developer

Below is what I offer clients on a weekly basis

Weekly Website Maintenance task list:

  • Make an onsite and offsite backup of all files and database
  • Update wordpress to the current version
  • Update plugins that have updates
  • Test website for any errors or broken links (plus fix)
  • Test all forms to make sure they are sending correctly.
  • Run a security scan for any malware, viruses or security breaches
  • Remove spam comments
  • Optimise database
  • Check speed with google page speed insights
  • Check google webmaster tools for any errors on pages or notifications (which will make sure google sees your website as it should be and that all code is search engine friendly)

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    How much does your website maintenance cost?

    Each website is custom quoted for depending on your business needs. Most clients have a one hour plan which works well.

    Do you maintain ecommerce websites?

    Yes, definately. I work with many woocommerce clients and support their online businesses by making sure all runs smoothly.

    Do you only work with local clients?

    No. My clients span all over the world from Australia to the UK and Canada. I have found that with proper communication and processes work can be done remotely from any location.

    How are payments handled?

    Once you are happy with the quote we can start a custom maintenance package.

    I'm on a strict budget. Do you have any options for simple websites?

    A custom website can be a big investment and not all small businesses have the budget. I can work with you to find the correct website maintenance package for your budget.